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The Benefits Of Aircon Chemical Cleaning – Gives Extra Life To Your Air Conditioner

The Benefits Of Aircon Chemical Cleaning – Gives Extra Life To Your Air Conditioner

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

The finest way to keep an air conditioner functioning at peak performance is to have it serviced frequently. Many people do not understand the significance of air conditioner servicing until it is too late.

Servicing an air conditioner does not take a great amount of time or money, so it is something that everyone should have done, whether they have a window air conditioner or a big central air unit. With regular maintenance, and air conditioning unit can keep its owners comfortable even on the hottest day to get this work done professionally you can contact Chemical Cleaning Aircon Singapore.

When do you know it’s time to get an aircon chemical cleaning? Here are some common symptoms:

  • The air conditioner takings longer than normal time to cool the area
  • The unit is very loud once turned on
  • A foul smell emanates from the inner components

The Benefits of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Keep your AC well maintained

A lot of us neglect the importance of routine air conditioning servicing, only to realize that we need a major repair when the aircon unit is not working anymore. If you do not service your unit regularly, you will feel very uncomfortable when it breaks down all of a sudden, and find yourself broke too.

Saves electricity bill

An aircon unit without regular maintenance will make your electrical bill to go up expressively. Without consistent maintenance, your unit will lose about 5% of its inventive efficiency every year. However, the study has shown that with steady servicing, your aircon unit will maintain up to 95% of its actual efficiency. This means that the cost of your monthly electrical bill will go down as your unit will not need to use more energy to create cool air and blow it.

Stops bad unhealthy air into your home

A good air conditioning servicing should contain cleaning of the fan coils and blowers, checking the compressor, oiling the fan motors, as well as an examination of the system operating pressures and temperatures. One very important thing to note is that you or your servicing contractor should not just use a brush or vacuum to clean the fan coils and blowers.

By just grooming or vacuuming it, dirt and dust will be released into the air. As you breathe them into your lungs, it will make you fall sick easily. So, ensure that they always used a lab certified chemicals to purify the bacteria and dirt while cleaning it.

Prevents components from freezing over

An aircon chemical wash doesn’t just get free from the dirt it also stops parts of your unit from freezing over! Some parts are mainly susceptible to freezing, particularly if the refrigerant and other cooling elements aren’t maintained correctly. These frozen components can impact the whole unit to break down and can cost an arm and a leg to replace.

Main cleaning aspects of the Aircon Chemical Cleaning considered by AC Cleaning Experts in Singapore

  • Check filters and clean if needed.
  • Check evaporation coil and clean as needed.
  • Inspect the blower wheel and fan blade.
  • Check to drain pan and clean as needed.
  • Inspect drain pipe and thoroughly flush.
  • Listen for any unusual noise issues.
  • Inspect all electrical parts.
  • Check the coolant chemicals.
  • Do a test run.

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