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Sasith Fernando
20 Oct 2018
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23 Jul 2018
Ms Chong
23 Jul 2018
06 June 2018
Chai Suan
19 May 2018
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Ronnie Ong
5 May 2018
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Lilian Sean
18 Apr 2018
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17 Apr 2018
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16 Mar 2018
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24 Feb 2018
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23 Feb 2018
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25 Jan 2018
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26 Sept 2017
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22 Sept 2017
Mrs Ang
7 Sept 2017
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28 Jul 2017
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13 Jun 2017
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4 Jun 2017
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3 Sept 2016
29 Aug 2016
" Technical know-how: We have an old aircon that was not working 3 weeks ago, and our regular aircon service man told us that this aircon is beyond repair and requested us to change a brand new ones. Quotation comes up to be a hefty amount. We then decided to get a 2nd opinion from Ju Jiang. They came, strip the aircon compressor unit then replace the starter (capacitor). Wahla ! Cool air starts to come out. I paid less than 200SGD for part replacement, gas top up & washing of the compressor unit.
Patient: There the service man was very patient explaining what has happened and what they can do and what they can’t. They also tell you what are the different charges and what is needed and what is “nice to have”. They even willing to teach you how to do basic maintenance so that we can do DIY basic cleaning in future instead of spending extra money.
Professionalism: I can see that they are all using proper equipment for aircon servicing. They use a mini electric water pressure spray to clean the condenser units. As to how cold the aircon they use an infrared thermometer rather than using their hand to “feel”. All these are common items, but with proper usage it just make the entire process more organize & systematic. Even the van that they use to keep all the parts and tools are properly organized & kept. "
27 Jul 2016
Justin Szeto
20 Jul 2016
" Hi,
Just wanted to provide a feedback on the Aircon service that I have received from Ju Jiang Air-Con Enterprise on 15 Jul 16.
We were serviced by Edris (Malay uncle) & Andy for normal cleaning of our 2 in house air con units. Edris is very patient in explaining to us on why our air con unit is not cold and have also provided us some useful tips on how to use the aircon to get the best user experience. We will definitely engage them for our future Aircon servicing. "
Koo Koo
15 Jul 2016
Sreeni Golla
11 Jul 2016
" Thanks for the service on team. You have a great team. "
Sreeni Golla
11 Jul 2016
20 Jun 2016
29 Apr 2016
18 Apr 2016
14 April 2016
" Hi Kar Cheng, juz to let u know Kelvin n his guys hav completed their job n we'r pretty pleased with de job well done! Look fwd to our nex svcg by them! Thks n hav a great wkend! "
19 Mar 2016
" Excellent service!!! I think the prices are really reasonable. Kelvin and his Malay colleague(sorry didn't get the Malay uncle's name)are polite and resilient in their jobs. Very professional. Highly recommend their aircon services!
They delivered excellent service with professionalism, resilience and all smiles! They are patient in explaining the problems of the aircon. Prices are honestly reasonable and I highly recommend their aircon services. Ju Jiang Air-Con Enterprise, you are doing great! "
Ho Mee Luen
5 March 2016
" I have had bad experiences with my previous air-con servicing by RG EXPRESS AIR-CONDITIONER SERVICE & REPAIR until I read the positive reviews on Ju Jiang Air-con and decided to engage them.
This would be my 3rd time engaging Ju Jiang Aircon to look into the general servicing and leakage issue of my existing air-con units.
I have to give credit to Kelvin and Idris who took pride and patience in rectifying, and servicing my air-cons units. They don't only do their job efficien...tly, but also take the time to explain where the problem lies with my existing air-con piping, so that I can prevent future recurrence.Their job attitude reflects a high level of professionalism and knowledge in their field.
They are friendly, patience and quick to respond to my needs whenever my air-con requires servicing and repair.
Thank you Kelvin and Idris, Ju Jiang Air-con would definitely be my preferred choice when it comes to Air-con!! "
Li Da Wei
3 March 2016
" First time enlisting Ju Jiang servicing. Exactly as the reviews have said. Efficient, fast, friendly and best of all reasonable!
Will use for as long as their around!
Thank you guys! "
Glenn Patt
26 Jan 2016
" I am glad your guys came too. So happy with my aircon now. Cool the room very fast. "
23 Jan 2016
" I like the Malay staff professional service. "
13 Nov 2015
" Dear Kar Cheng
I thought it's timely for me to send you a due feedback about the services of your staff and to thank them for their hard work and professionalism.
Today's team comprising of Kelvin and two Malay staff once again leaves me very satisfied after they have completed their task. They worked with such delight and pride, and took such patience to update me about the condition of my air con and condenser, a step which I really appreciate.
It's this honest and sincere working attitude from your staff that makes me return to your company for the servicing of my air con units. This is the third year that I've engaged your company's services and I look forward to more to come.
Please convey my gratitude to the team that came today. Thank you. "
Caroline Lee
12 Nov 2015
" Hihi. Very happy with your guys services. Will recommend your service to my family next time when required. "
19 Oct 2015
" Answer queries immediately. Reliable Team. "
12 Oct 2015
" Friendly and professional workers did a great job at a fair price. Thanks! "
11 Oct 2015
" Thanks for the great service provided by Kelvin. All in good condition now for the air con. Thanks "
7 Oct 2015
" Thank you for the good work on my aircon. "
20 Sept 2015
" Have been serviced by your company and I am very happy with the professionalism. "
14 Aug 2015
" thx u vy much for e great wrk ur ppl has done. vy professional. i wil recommend to my fren too "
22 Jul 2015
" Appreciated the feedback from service man. "
23 June 2015
" Btw ur guy came to install e motor n clean my boss office le. Thanks him for egood job "
22 Jun 2015
" Given 5 stars to Ju Jiang Aircon for sure! My aircon is now clean and in tip top condition. The coldness is back to like brand new. Awesome service, and aircon guy is friendly and patient. Definitely engaging Ju Jiang Aircon again for my next service. "
06 Jun 2015
" Hi, thanks once again for your excellent service. Your aircon technician was efficient and neat! My aircon was noisy and not cold. Usually chemical cleaning would be recommended but your technician diligently removed the inner rotating roller which was dirty and the cause of the problem, hence saving the need for a chemical clean. Now my aircon is silent and functioning well. I will definitely continue call you for future servicing! "
Mrs Tan
26 May 2015
" Thank for your arrangement. Job well done. "
23 May 2015
" Thank you for the excellent service. It's our 2nd time having you to service the aircon. Very pleased. "
23 Mar 2015
" Hi thanks for the aircon svc. My mum said u were very thorough. I'll msg u again in 6 mths. Thanks. Ameliza "
04 Mar 2015
" It's ok already. Your workers r v meticulous n clean. Thanks "
23 Jan 2015
" Hi!
Just drop by to say thank you for sending a nice, friendly and efficient technician to service my aircon! "
21 Jan 2015
" Hi Mr Yeo,
Thank you for booking with us.
Thank you for the excellent service. It's our 2nd time having you to service the aircon. Very pleased. "
" thank u so much for your prompt rescue. I really appreciate it to much. Both thumbs up!!! "
28 Nov 2014
" Your onsite technician named Kyam has just serviced my aircon and I am left with awe in regards to the process and outcome. Paramount technical knowledge abd swift handling was portrayed. I am impressed. Thank you so much "
30 Sept 2014
" Hi!
Thank u for the great svc... my air con is not leaking since saturday.. will definitely engage ur svcs again... "
14 Jul 2014
" Just wanted to thank your technician for doing a wonderful job. After the chemical clean my aircon is functioning very well and quiet. Will certainly come back to you in future. "
Mrs Tan
06 Jul 2014
" Hi Karcheng, thanks for the prompt response over the weekend. Your technician has just left - efficient and quiet worker. He was nice to help me clean up potential clog from the air con piping though it was not part of the cleaning package. Would certainly come back the next time round when I want a more thorough servicing for my units! "
24 Jun 2014
" Thanks for the splendid job done yesterday.
I have engaged several companies before, this is the only one who spent time checking and troubleshooting for me patiently.
Luckily no parts needed to be replaced and my Aircon is ready to combat the haze.
Will definitely look forward to maintenance n cleaning rendered by your company "
Irene Tan
15 Mar 2014
" Thank you for coming down to service our air cons. Really appreciate your service. "
Mr Lim
15 Mar 2014
" Hi Kar Cheng, I would like to thanks your hubby and his team and you as well for the prompt servicing and great job done. My aircon now is as cool as it's new alr. Thank you "
12 Mar 2014
" Hey Karcheng,
Just wanted to let you know that the aircon service last Thursday was done.
Your guys are very nice. I had 5 units, of which 2 of the units were rarely used. Your guys cleaned did a light cleaning on 1 of those units at no charge. Thank you so much for that!
I didn't like all those package air con cleaning services because it is very stressful to clean once a quarter, and they bug us as if we owe them. Our air cons are seldom on - at most is 1 hour every night only. "
25 Feb 2014
" Thank you for the best response! You guys r my saving grace! Thanks for fixing my kids' air con!!!! "
Mdm Goh
20 Feb 2014
" Thanks for the good jobs done. "
19 Feb 2014
" Hi hi! Thanks again for the very professional and clean Aircon servicing a few weeks back. "
Mrs Chua
19 Feb 2014
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Thanks a lot to yr team for rushing down to fix my air-con! Really appreciate it!! "
L Koh
23 Jan 2014
" Hey, thanks.....Ur hubby finished fixing my aircon, my mum told me all well now! "
09 Jan 2014
" Service my air-con today. Must say that u guys are really very honest & did a good job. My past experience with other companies are usually very unpleasant cos they'll hard sell package or tell u that yr aircon need to do this & that. Will strongly recommend my friends & relatives to use yr service "
Anna Chong
3 Jan 2014
" Thank you for sending your men over to service our air con. Good Job. "
Mr Tay
29 Oct 2013
" Hi, jus wana inform u that the guys did a good cleaning job this morning. It's so cold now at 23 degree with just 1 fan. They were very good in telling me whether or not the units require chemical wash or norm wash unlike others on SMH whereby they did a lousy job. Thumbs up. Good job done. I will use them next time. "
04 Oct 2013
" Hi Kar Cheng
I thought I should drop you this note to compliment the service provided yesterday. Thank you and I'll definitely return to you for future air con servicing. "
Caroline Lee
11 Sept 2013
" Hi Kar Cheng,
This morning the service guy came to my house for aircon service…He was nice and things get done quick… Thanks a lot "
07 Sept 2013
" Dear thanks. As usual thumbs up for the air con service the best I have encountered here in Singapore. Keep up the good job Ju Jiang Air-Con Enterprise "
15 July 2013
" Thanks for the great job! "
02 Jul 2013
" Thanks again. As usual, fast clean n neat job. "
29 Jun 2013
" Thanks very much....
All done.... Very detailed.... "
15 Jun 2013
" Thanks for the good service rendered! Highly recommended! will call u guys the next round of servicing "
Mikki Teo
07 Jun 2013
" I would like to thank you for your prompt service. "
Wee Ling
23 May 2013
" hi kar cheng
my mil used your service few wks ago at bt panjang and she is very happy with your service too
pls pm me or return my sms soon. thks! "
Chris38 (Chris38)
03 May 2013
" Thanks to ur hubby for the gd aircon svcing at my house just now. "
25 Apr 2013
" Hi,
Just want to commend you for your fast response. My aircon was leaking and you managed to get your technician down to check on the same day I msg you.
Can you pls PM me maintenance contract for 4 unit fan coil?
thanks. "
Grace (graceleo)
08 Apr 2013
" Super thumbs up for Ju Jiang air con service. Never failed to satisy customer.
Kelvin is very good air con technician, very kind and friendly not to mention very professional and honest.
Will continue to use your service and recommend to friends.
Thanks for accomdating my request and slot in my urgent checking. Very appreciate it. "
1 Apr 2013
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Just want to drop a note here regarding your hubby's and his assistant service.
So far, everything is working well after 1 week. *touch wood*
My hubby is satisfied as all the air cons are cold and clean again.
But he ask me whether the rollers are washed?
Can you help me check with your hubby on this as I m not sure.
I will contact you 4 mths later for the next round of cleaning. "
wrangler (wrangler)
26 Mar 2013
" Hi Kar Cheng, thks for the very good and fast service from your husband. Will engage your service again for servicing my air con. "
1 Mar 2013
" Job done. Very satisfy. Will help you to promoto on buzzy for u later. "
Hazel Eric
16 Feb 2013
" Hi,thanks for the service yesterday.really very happy that you solve the issue so fast. will look for you for the next servicing. "
23 Jan 2013
" Hi! I would like to thank u n ur hubby for the great job and advise given to us on the aircon. Will definitely call u again n refer u to my frenz! "
22 Jan 2013
" hi karcheng
I m v happy with service. thumbs up. will use your company again when i need to service my air con. "
love baby (lovebabysg)
17 Jan 2013
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Thanks for the service yesterday done at my in-laws place. My in-laws love your service very much. Ur staff did a very good job. Now my air con is much cooler than before. Definitely will use ur service in future. It's so affordable too! Thumbs up "
1 Jan 2013
" Hi,
I like to compliment the good service that you guys provide. An efficient and thorough check & cleaning job done.
Will definitely book the next appt with you next round and recommend your service to my frens!
Thanks! "
Chris38 (Chris38)
Mrs Pang
" Hi Kar Cheng
Thank you for your service. My aircon did not leak anymore. "
Celeste Lim
28 Dec 2012
" thank you for the excellent service. "
20 Dec 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Your hubby just finished the cleaning. Really happy about it and my hubby praises him to for being thoroughly. Thanks Will recommend you and your hubby services or friends "
Dian (bonavictoria)
15 Nov 2012
" Thank for being so efficient and he did a real through job!!! "
amiang (amiang)
28 Sept 2012
" Hi karcheng,
Jus want to feedback that my mum was very happy with the service provided by your hubby. He did a very through job to clean & check all the aircons. Will engage your services again & highly recommend to anyone who needs aircon cleaning or servicing.
Many thanks! "
Michelle (mitan)
17 Sept 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng
Just want to feedback that my hubby is very happy with the servicing for the office today. Your worker (Malay) is very good & detailed, I think should be the same guy who did the servicing for my house, coz I was not around, my mum was actually expecting your hubby but a malay guy came instead. Nonetheless the servicing is just as good. Even my mum inlaw is happy with your hubby servicing. Now my bro inlaw also wants to engage your service "
Jamie (barnzilla)
05 Sept 2012
" Hi kar cheng,
I'd like to let you know I'm very satisfied with the aircon servicing yesterday. Your husband & helper were very meticulous in the cleaning & did not rushed through the job. I'm also very appreciative that they kept my place very clean. I've asked your husband to propose a regular maintenance contract for my 8 units (2 units are frequently used). Please email me when it's ready. I've also recommended your company's service to my neighbour. "
mum2604 (mum2604)
30 Aug 2012
" Hi Kelvin, just back home. Aircon felt great. My dad commented on your professionalism and expertise. Great job with reasonable price. Would definitely recommend more customers to you. Thank you very much! "
24 Aug 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Thumbs up for your hubby's professional service and honesty. He was very honest and told me 2 of the air cons did not require normal cleaning because we seldom use them and only charge me for the unit that requires chemical cleaning. Will certainly engage his company's services again. "
01 Aug 2012
" I m very satisfied with ur company service, your husband Was very patient with my annoying aircon which have do many problems, and thanx for fixing "emergency" appointments when my aircon was down. I'm really glad I found a reliable aircon company. Prompt service, reasonable charges, friendly customer service, punctual for appt. THumbs up! "
zelene (zelene)
30 Jul 2012
" hi karcheng
i must say I m v happy with air con service. now my air cons working v well. much cooler n no more water leak. he helped me fix the water leak problem without charge me any . really impressed the service.
i will come back again "
13 July 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng,
I'm very happy with the service provided. Told him (Kelvin) I'll contact you again to make arrangement for future servicing and cleaning of the indoor units. "
7 July 2012
" no worries.. i tink i call;e ur hubby Cos i was super urgent..
I call alot company appt full...The worker did a good job "
lonerjas (longjas)
10 May 2012
" thks for the arrangement.....
Kelviin and his team work neat n fast....great job. will see u guys again by year end n will definitely recommend u to friends n relatives. "
28 Apr 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Kelvin and another worker just finish servicing 2 of my aircon units. Really good job. My hb and I are really please with the service. The are polite and did a thorough job. My place is so clean after the servicing. Even my toilet area is dry. Will definitely look for u guys in future.. Thks…. "
busygal (busygal)
15 Apr 2012
" Hello, thanks for the prompt service and the wonderful job your hb has done.. =) looking forward to using him for our future air con servicing. "
22 Mar 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng,
I am very pleased with my aircon units after they have been serviced by Kelvin. As such, i am keen to sign a contract with him and would like to know more about the package deal for the air con servicing for 2 units. "
Shirley Choo
18 Mar 2012
" We like the service. "
13 Mar 2012
" Hi dear, just to give feedback.
Did the chem wash today for my aircon unit, really satisfied with the service. Your hubby and his assistance arrived like 15 minutes earlier, really polite, did the job thoroughly and made effort to clean all after finish
Please say thanks to your hubby and keep the excellent job.This is the second time using his service and definitely not the last. "
02 March 2012
" Hi
I rarely write such stuffs, but the air con service is good. He is very polite, very meticulous and when he checked that my air con is not that dirty, he asked me still wanna clean and I thought that's very honest of him. Anywhere it's a very good service
A satisfied customer indeed "
20 Feb 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Just like to feedback that ur hubby did a gd job in servicing my air con units. "
Mrs Koh
20 Feb 2012
" Good Service. Thank you. "
17 Feb 2012
" Hi Kar Cheng
Your husband came to service my aircon today and he did a fantastic job. Also, he called to check if he could come up 15mins earlier.
As I am totally ignorant on whether the units and compressors needed to be chemical washed, yr husband checked and said no need. He doesn't oversell his services, very honest. I am very satisfied with the job and will definitely contact you again in 6 months (as recommended by your husband) as well as recommend to my friends and relatives who needed aircon servicing. "
angel (angel)
01 Feb 2012
" Thanks Kar Cheng! So satisfied with ur prompt service!! "
29 Dec 2011
" Thank u well clean this time is fast with another helper do update me the next cleaning "
11 Dec 2011
" Hi karcheng,
Thumbs up! very professional service "
26 Nov 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng
Here's my feedback on the services provided by your husband (Kelvin) and his team.
I called to enquire on new air-con installation for my in-laws place 3 weeks ago and was offered a competitive pricing for the Daikin System 3. As my hubby was quite particular of the piping, he requested for Kevin to check our current pipes before installing. After checking, Kevin suggested that we need not change the entire system as only 1 fan unit is not working. He went on to source for a 2nd hand fan unit for us and did some cleaning up for our compressor at a fraction of the cost! We are happy that he is honest and we will choose him for any future servicing. "
anyann (anyann)
16 Nov 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Thought I will drop a note to thank your husband. He did a very thorough job cleaning my two air con units last Sat. He went to great lengths to keep the place tidy. He cleaned up the external cases of my air con as well.
All in all, excellent service provided. He was polite and did not mind the children who were distracting him.
Thanks for everything. Will certainly book again for my next servicing "
08 Nov 2011
" Hi, thank you for the great service rendered by your hubby to help me fix the decayed board. He painstakingly took 3hours to fix it. A very nice ,humble and honest man. He also made effort to keep my place clean.
I will reccomme d to my Sis and mom. Tks "
Raiindrops (Raiindrops)
22 Oct 2011
" Hi
Just like to update that my mum was very satisfied with the service provided. They had been very thorough in the cleaning of the units though I paid for a normal clean. Will use your service again. Thanks once again "
18 Sept 2011
" Hi karcheng,
i m rashidah frm teban gdns. was too bz with work. Wanted to feedbk to u, yr hubbys work is just fantastic! He didnt leave any single mess! My mum very happy too! Both of us already prepared to clean the mess coz of our experience with other contractors previously, but he came well prepared with canvas to cover my tv. Btw can u help me let yr hubby knows dat the air con in one of the rm does not work pls. He already told me dat it might breakdown again n he was right, heee. "
13 Sept 2011
" Hi
Pls thank ur hubby for his great service! Indeed we are impressed and will intro him to our family and friends. "
pinkysherry (pinkysherry)
13 Aug 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng
Please find the transfer done.
Thanks very much for the good service! "
08 Aug 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Sorry for updating late, just want to say that the aircon servicing provided was great in every aspect. We are very satisfied with the friendly service. One of our unit was not blowing cool air, your hb was very patient to analyze and found out the problem. It's been 2 weeks now and no problem so far. Maybe you can help us to update your hb on this too. Thank you very much
btw, how early can i book date for next servicing? "
7 Aug 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng
Appreciated the swift response and assistance you provided. Your husband was very kind to try and slot in my last minute urgent appointment and when he could not make it in time, he gave me a good few hours advance notice and got me a replacement for the same work so that my leaking aircon problem can be solved.
Thumbs up for bothering to plan replacement for me knowing my case. In another words, he cared enough. Price is reasonable, and service was good.
Will recommend to others. And oh, you were very kind to assist me too, and honestly, you did not have to do it for me in my opinion. But you did. Thanks for that, my mother in law did not have to walk out in the hot sun to draw money. Appreciate it. "
Linda (linda_thea)
11 Jul 2011
" Thanks,he was good at his work. "
July 11, 2011
" Hi hi,
Thanks for slotting my appt so early!! I met ur hubby and 2 helpers. They r very detailed.
Thanks thanks!! "
poohbeargang (poohbeargang)
11 Jul 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng
Sorry I took while to post this feedback.
Your hubby and his 2 helpers serviced 4 units of air-cons at my place last Sat. I have only one word to describe them - GREAT!! They were very friendly and very helpful (helped me changed a defective electricity socket).
If it's not too early to make a booking, I'd like a Saturday slot in Jan please "
calaislily (calaislily)
10 Jul 2011
" Hihi,
Thanks for servicing my home air-con. Heard hubby says U did a good job. My girl says U R a nice uncle
Will ask for your service again for sure. Thumbs UPs! "
07 Jul 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Your hb and his workers been very friendly, thanks for the good service "
05 Jul 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Yr hubby n his helpers were great!I'll recommend yr service 2 my frens. Will Come back 4 another appt in abt 6 mths. Thank you "
3 Jul 2011
" Hi, just to feedback that i'm satisfied with the service and the price. He was punctual and good at his work. Will definately use your service again in future "
Ross (ross_san)
29 Jun 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
I just want to add this on record. I am happy with the servicing done on 18/6. Many thanks to your husband for the excellent job done in diagnosing the problem with one of the units which was not cold. He took a while to check the unit before advising me to continue monitoring. I am still waiting for advice regarding the cost of replacing the faulty part "
Shirley (bb_shaun)
28 Jun 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Just to feedback that ur husband provided a very good air con servicing this morning. Will arrange with u again for future servicing. Thanks! "
Audrey Lim (audrey_lim)
26 Jun 2011
" Hi,
Just wanted to give feedback about the good aircon service your hubby had provided last friday, 10/6.
He is very thorough is checking and cleaning each of my 5 fancoils. He explained in detail what he was doing at each stage. He even suggested what we can do if we are thinking of replacing some of the aircon units.. And when he was almost done, he explained to us the follow up actions as he suspected there is a gas leak. Hence, we are now monitoring the situation and will definitely get back to him later.
My hubby and I are very pleased with his personal touch in his service. He took a whole afternoon( 4 1/2 hrs) to complete the job, not that he is incompetent but he is just meticulous, wanting to do a good job.
Thank you.
job. "
leen (leenie)
15 Jun 2011
" Hello!!
I'm here to feedback the good service that yr Hubby had done in the last 2hrs
When yr Hubby came n just nIce I was washing house fan n busy with house cleaning n aft I open the door for yr Hubby in I went bk to clean the fans n forgotten to close the door. Aft I'm done my fan cleaning yr Hubby already closed the door without me telling him so! So nice of him n he clean as he goes which is I like la! If others sure make it v dirty!
V honest person!! Sure be back again! N of coz will intro friends
Thank u v much for the best service! "
Serene Tan Jia Ling (serenetjl)
14 Jun 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng, paymt made... one word WONDERFUL service... thank you... will intro more to u... "
09 Jun 2011
" Hi,
Thanks for your hubby GREAT service, you tell him after he left an hour later my air cond compressor working now and the room is cold again.Really worth of money and will continue his service and recommend to my friends. Thanks ! "
08 Jun 2011
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Thanks for the posting. Becos of it we had a wonderful experience with your husband's down to earth and honest service. He only recommends what we need and nothing extra. I'm so glad we try him out to service our 4 units.
He is very detailed and friendly even to my mum who happened to visit us while he was on his job. My kids were initially my kids were scared as he was a stranger but he was so friendly that my kids started to talk to him and ask him questions about what he was doing. He answered them gently and I was so pleased with his service. He took time to service each unit and always ask for permission for using the toilet to wash and helped to dry the toilet clean after he finished using them.
Thanks once again.
Pls thank him on my behalf once again and will definitely recommend him to my friends to use his service. "
Amy Ng
07 Jun 2011
" Hi, Karcheng.
Your hubby just finished servicing my parent place aircon. They are very happy with his service. We will sure to get back him for future service.
Thanks alot. "
06 Jun 2011
" Thanks Reena.
They are really good. "
Rashmi J K
" Hey Reena, thanks for uploading that piece of conversation. The person was very punctual,sincere, decent,professional. Above all this, very tidy in his work. He bought everything he would need for his work. "
Rashmi Jayakumar Kare
" Hi,
Your hubby indeed provides good service. He is also very knowledgeable about the air-con system. Well, initially thot my 2 units would require chemical washing, but after checking, he advised not necessary... so glad.
Thanks again for this great service, will sure call you again for next service. "
" Hi Tan Kar Cheng (karcheng)
First of all, I would like to thank you for accomodating to my last min request for your hubby to come back for servicing yesterday.
Secondly, (and do note that this is by repeated instruction by my hubby), to drop you a review about the aircon services provided by your hubby.
My hubby was totally impressed by your hubby's service and dedication in cleaning our aircon. Despite unlimited qnes, your hubby was patient, provide clear explanation and even gave us some very helpful advise.
My hubby is also from the retail line, and trust me, he has seen his fair share of good and nasty customers and definitely knows what it meant to provide good customer services. I have no doubt that your hubby certainly did a very good job, when my hubby kept singing praises of his service when I went home yesterday.
He was impressed with the effort that your hubby put in cleaning our aircons. He actually took close to 3 hours to clean both our aircons - what else can I say more about his dedications?! "
Jaz (xiaoxiaotienshi)
" Hi Kar Cheng,
I just did my air con servicing this morning, and I must say both my hubby and I are totally impressed with your hubby's service. He is very honest, thorough and professional in his work. He has done a very good and clean job- he even wiped dry my bathroom floor before he leaves.
Thumbs up for his dedication to his job, and we will definitely use him again in our further air con servicing "
" hihi!!!
My air-con servicing was completed yesterday, 30 May 2011. I am very impressed by your hubby's professionalism. My mil was singing his praises to me and my hubby last evening. Even she is happy with a job well done. Excellent!!!!
Thanks!!! "
renee (reneemay)
" Hi,
Finally found him.he did such a good servicing in my previous flat.my air con was leaking badly at that time and he managed to service it,no longer leaks.it last us for quite some time till the next servicing. we engage quite a few previously and none of them can fix it.thumbs up.was so happy when him online. "
Koala (zossamuel)
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Sorry for the late feedback. Had your husband to service my aircon on Monday. Two thumb-ups for his great service!! Thanks Kelvin! =) "
Esther (CCK)
" Hi Karcheng,
Sorry for posting in colour. But I want more ppl to read this!
Your husband service is superb! Although I am not at home to witness it. My mum and granny sing alot praises for him.
Kindly PM me to quote for service contract.
You are the first air con servicing company that I have wanted to sign contract so far.
Keep up the good work and hope your service maintain this way after I take up the contact.
They are really good. "
charlene (mschar)
" Hi Kar Cheng,
Wanted to write a review about your hubby's service to you but too busy during weekend.
Yup, I am very satisfied with the air con service which he had provided. Even my hubby also commented that the aircon is much cooler now. I am so thankful that he can squeeze through my narrow passageway to get to my aircon compressor. Hehe!! Charges are also very reasonable given the quality of work which he had done. He is polite, friendly and most importantly punctual.
I will continue to use his service in future.
Thanks alot. "
" Dear Kar Cheng,
So sorry was too busy recently and managed to find time to write a review. I'm very satisfied with ur HB's service. My aircon no longer has water leaking problem. Also grateful for him to share his experience on proper care for aircon with me during his servicing at my place. I'll definitely heed his advice.
Two thumbs up for his good service not only in term of servicing but also customer service. A friendly and reliable service that I'll engage again for sure. Recommended to ALL "
" Hi Kar Cheng
Just want to say - job well done !
This is the first time I used an unknown contact via SMH to service our aircon (normally is recommended by friends).
He was very polite and thorough in servicing the aircon...very happy with his service.
Will definitely continue using him ... for twice a year.
Thanks again "
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