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Refurbished Fan Coil and Set


A fan coil in air conditioners is a key component. Without this component, no air conditioner can perform its function appropriately. The fan coils are integrated in the AC for regulating the temperature that prevents heat build-up. Usually, fan coil units are of two types- blow-through & draw-through. Blow-through coils can be installed behind the heat exchanger for drawing heat out. The draw-through coils are expensive as compared to the blow-through coil. A draw-through coil has fans bolted to it.

Ju jiang understands the budgetary constraints and hence, provides a wide range of refurbished fan coil, refurbished condenser & refurbished full set. These coils are rewired using modern instruments by our teams of professional engineers and technicians. With our immaculate proficiency in managing the rewiring process of coils, we’ve emanated as a prominent brand for buying refurbished fan coil and set. As an entity with repute in the market, we never compromise with the quality of a refurbished fan coil, refurbished condenser & refurbished full set..