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How to pick your Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore?

How to pick your Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore?

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The worst situation possible is your air conditioner breaking down or having a malfunction in peak summer months. The stuffy warm air lowers work efficiency and makes one feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

However, in situations like these, having a good Aircon servicing company can be a lifesaver but how does one ensure they pick a service that will provide top-notch service during a crisis? Well, there are some points that your preferred aircon servicing company should tick before you sign up with them for their service.

A checklist for picking the right aircon servicing company in Singapore

End to end servicing

You should look for an aircon servicing company which covers all aspects of maintaining an air conditioning system instead of having separate companies covering different aspects of the task which can be put under a single service company. Having a single company that provides regular maintenance checks, cleaning of accumulated dirt inside the machine, and repair malfunctioning parts are often more efficient and ensures a lower cost overall.

Certified and experienced staff members

Another very important aspect of picking your aircon servicing company is to choose one which has qualified and trained workers. Your air conditioning system has small and fragile parts within it. An untrained staff with little to no experience may cause further damage instead of fixing the system. Not only will this cost you more money, but it will also be a cause for delay and a longer time in the unbearable humid conditions.

Picking an aircon service company that employs trained members will ensure a smooth experience and an efficient service with little to no hassle.

Good feedback and Reputation

Before you pick an aircon servicing company, it is extremely important for you to check its reviews and feedback from other customers and clients. It will help you form a bad=sic idea about the company’s service and work ethic. Customer experience with a company is extremely important as just good work is not enough. Time management, politeness, and value for price are equally important aspects.

It is also important for you as a customer to leave regular feedback with your company about the service as it will ensure that good businesses stay in business and make profits while the dubious ones find no place to stay in the market and cheat the general public. Feedback systems are a healthy way of sharing one’s opinions and experiences with one another.

Low expenses for hiring their services

Before you sign up with a servicing company it is important to check the rates of their services. You would not want to pay for poor and restricted services. Some of the cheapest aircon services in Singapore are often adequate to maintain your air conditioning system instead of opting for a heavily priced servicing company.


Choosing the right service company can be a hassle as there are so many options to choose from. However, a little research and information can play a huge role in saving time and money for you by choosing the right service provider.