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All About Maintenance of Air Conditioners

All About Maintenance of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are devices used for lowering the temperature and removing the moisture inside a closed space. Air conditioners are a common sight in area which deal with scorching summer heat and are used both domestic and commercial environments. Air conditioners provide the luxury of staying cool and comfortable all throughout the year. For that, your air conditioners might need maintenance. The air conditioner is an appliance in which many components work together to provide you with that cool air and as most technical applications, it needs an annual maintenance.

Why do air conditioners need a regular annual maintenance:

Air conditioners require a regular annual maintenance every year to ensure their smooth and efficient working.

Air conditioners have these air filter which get clogged and dirty overtime. They block the air from passing through and thus affect the system’s efficiency significantly. It is found that replacing the dirty clogged air filter can actually lower the energy consumption levels of the air conditioner.

  • Air conditioner’s evaporater and conditioner coils could also collect dust and dirt. The collection of dirt reduces the ability of absorbing heat in the coils. Thus, it is important to clean it as necessary.
  • A poorly maintained air conditioner can prevent certain units from reducing the humidity levels and thus, too much moisture can also lead to decolorized walls.
  • It is also important to properly pack your air conditioners before the winter starts to ensure that nothing gets damaged or dirty beyond repair. The best time to carry out the annual maintenance is before the heat season starts.

Some of these issues could be solved by properly reading articles about how to clean your air conditioner and doing it yourself. But it is always recommended to hire a professional service technician. Especially for commercial air conditioners, a team of professionals are required to find and fix the problems in your air conditioning systems.

In countries like Singapore, were many fully air conditioned commercial buildings are quite an attraction and common sight, you may require a company providing well trained technicians to the job of annual maintenance. Usually in such cases, an AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is just the right option. An AMC is basically an agreement between the dealer for repair and maintenance of a certain property and the customer. This contract with a good service provider guarantee you with a well efficient AC at all year.

The service contract would be according to your requirement, for example, in a commercial A/C AMC you can choose how often you require services: quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly. Such services are provided by many companies on Singapore. To select the best company for your contract, you need to check if the company provides well trained and well equipped technicians or not, if the promise the prevention of critical system failure or breakdown or not and lastly if they have better servicing prices.

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