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Month: July 2021

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

DIY Tips to Learn to Maintain AC and how to Figure out Refrigerant Leakage

Air conditioners practically do the job of transferring the indoor warmth of your room to the outside air and for this a special chemical compound is present. They are usually known as refrigerants and are present to absorb the indoor heat. This is done with the help of the evaporator coil. The condenser coils which…
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Aircon Service

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Servicing Singapore

It is certain that the majority of you here have your cooling framework overhauled previously. Nonetheless, do you know the advantages of having standard aircon maintenance in Singapore? Numerous families disregard the significance of standard overhauling and upkeep which frequently results in aircon issues like unexpected breakdowns as far as possible to your forced air…
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